Autumn 2020 – Part 45 – So, this is where the crowds are! – Jasper National Park

October 3, 2020 From Patricia Lake, it was just a short hop to Pyramid Lake, or so we thought, but at each road pull off, we found ourselves zigging and zagging back and forth across the road to keep 2 meters between us and others (Safe Six). This, coupled with time to take the viewsContinue reading “Autumn 2020 – Part 45 – So, this is where the crowds are! – Jasper National Park”

Autumn 2020 – Part 36 – Moonset – Jasper National Park

October 2, 2020 Down to the lake before heading out on out hike and the moon was still up, but setting quickly over the mountain ridge. I managed to get down to the lake in time to catch the show. Wide shots Close ups Mist on the water and light on the peak.

Autumn 2020 – Part 5 – Pyramid Lake, Mountain and Island – Jasper National Park

September 28, 2020 We drove about 4 km to the trailhead for our Pyramid Bench hike. While gathering our equipment together, I popped down to the lake shore to capture these photos of Pyramid Mountain, Lake and Island. The views were sublime.

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