Birds of Beaumont #17 – Country Cousins

All photos taken during our 35 km (22 1/3 mile) bicycle ride out East and South of Beaumont. At the furthest South point on this bike ride, just across Airport Road, we stopped to watch the nesting bird antics. We spotted a few familiar faces in the prairie pot holes and a new one thatContinue reading “Birds of Beaumont #17 – Country Cousins”

Birds of Beaumont #16 – Waterbirds (ducks and the like)

Most photos taken on May 23, 2021, during an 8 km circuit of the lakes and ponds in our little city. The Lesser Scaup photo was taken on May 25, 2021. A few more photos taken May 29 and 30 and June 7, 2021. Nobody should ever think that all ducks look alike. I didContinue reading “Birds of Beaumont #16 – Waterbirds (ducks and the like)”


All photos taken on May 12, 2021. During our short vacation, we saw elk (wapiti) all around Jasper, but seldom stopped for photos. Heading home, we regretted this and the words “Where are all the elk?” were just out of our mouths, when we spotted them. The only big game animals we missed on thisContinue reading “Wapiti”

Birds of Beaumont #15 – Tree Swallow

All photos taken on May 29, 2021, during a circuit of the ponds in our little city. A quick flash of blue and these guys are gone. What the heck was that? At last, we finally found a spot were we could get a few good photos of them, when they were at the nest.Continue reading “Birds of Beaumont #15 – Tree Swallow”

Birds of Beaumont #14 – Red-Winged Blackbird

All photos taken on May 23, 2021, during an 8 km circuit of the lakes and ponds in our little city. A common song bird in our area. There is almost always one located about every 20 feet along the reeded shorelines of our ponds. They have a pretty song, but should you ever getContinue reading “Birds of Beaumont #14 – Red-Winged Blackbird”

Birds of Beaumont #13 – Red-Tailed Hawk

Photos taken on May 23, 2021, during an 8 km circuit of the lakes and ponds in our little city and on May 25, 2021 during a walk along the East and North perimeter of Beaumont. The most commonly seen hawk variety in Alberta, especially in the aspen parkland. Any sizable woodlot will likely hostContinue reading “Birds of Beaumont #13 – Red-Tailed Hawk”

Pyramid Scheme

All photos taken on May 12, 2021. We were packed up early and facing a 4 hour drive home, so set off for our last hike in Jasper National Park. We sauntered out of the resort and down the road past Patricia Lake to Pyramid Lake Beaches. That’s right, there are beaches here. Now, asContinue reading “Pyramid Scheme”

Farewell, Our Old Friend

NOTE: This post contains slideshows and if you are reading it on your phone, it is best viewed direct from the SITE, rather than in the READER. All photos taken on May 12, 2021. Our short time at Patricia Lake was ending and we were savouring every minute. We knew we had to get backContinue reading “Farewell, Our Old Friend”


All photos were taken on May 11, 2021 at Patricia Lake Watercolours © Water colours look just like a fine French painting. Monet in the banks. I like to take photos of water ripples at varying times during the day. If the sky has clouds, the effect is even better. You never know how theContinue reading “Watercolours”

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