Birds of Beaumont #8 – Canada Geese

Most photos taken on May 23, 2021, during an 8 km circuit of the lakes and ponds in our little city. The shot in the field was taken on May 25, 2021. The shots after that were taken May 29, 2021 and the last shots were taken June 6 & 7, 2021. Look how big the goslings are getting.

These walking poop machines need no introduction almost anywhere in North America. They seem to take up residence all over Canada and the U.S.A. where there are bodies of water of any description.

Size: 55-122 cm (21.1/2-48 inches, W up to 178 cm (70 inches)

Habitat: lakeshores, river banks, ponds, farmlands and city parks

Nesting: on islands and shorelines, have been known to nest on building roofs, balconies, patios, planters.

Voice: loud ah-honk. They will violently protect their territory, their nest and their young from any and all comers. If they fly at you, it will hurt. Just ask Fabio.

Source: Partners and Lone Pine Publishing Birds of Alberta

Battle stations – defending their territory from intruders

Family outings

Cuteness sublime

You talkin’ to me?
Non breeding males (likely last year’s chicks) gathered in a group. Misery loves company.
I could not see if this was a mating pair. If so, the chicks are well hidden. That was a good thing, as a pair of red tail hawks circled high above, looking for take out dining opportunities

Somebody’s kids are getting big.

Splish, splash, I was takin’ a bath.

The first slide has 18 goslings in it, so we are assuming it is gosling daycare with 2 moms.

On June 6, 2021, during an in city bike ride, there was a strange absence of Canada Geese families. We would spot the odd adult or pair of adults by themselves, but no goslings around. Finally, at the last storm water pond, we spotted a group of adults swimming on their own. Looking further up on the bank, we spotted a group of large goslings, being supervised by one adult. I guess they are big enough now, that they will not become prey, so adults can have more “me” time and the goslings can continue to fatten up. Quite a transformation.

June 6, 2021

What do you think the kids are up to? Let’s talk about something else deart. I am sure they are fine with the gosling sitter.
I’m sure glad Mom and Dad aren’t here to keep dragging us around. Now we can concentrate on eating.

June 7, 2021

If I can’t see you, does that mean you can’t see me?
I’m invisible. I’m invisible.
Baby T Rexes going for a walk
I’m just gonna sit here until we all move on.
Goose regatta
This is the slow way to get around. Why can’t we fly already?
What do you mean, I have something stick in my teeth?
C’mon kids. If we can just swim faster, we can leave your other brothers and sisters behind.
Hey! Don’t poop in the pool.

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Not much to tell. After working for 3 companies over 43+ years (38 years 7 months with my last company), I finally got that promotion I had waited my entire career for……retirement. I have been exploring this new career for the past 7+ years and while it is not always exciting, the chance to do what I want for myself and my family instead of what my company wants has been very fulfilling. Early on, there was a long list of projects in my “to-do” hopper and I attacked these projects with a vengeance for the first 9 months of retirement. Eventually, my brain told me that this was not what retirement was about, so it took me another 5 months before my industriousness again took over and I attacked another line of projects, this time somewhat shorter and less complicated, as well as many new projects related to the family weddings in 2016. After going hard for 6 weeks and 3 weddings, my body was telling me to relax, then the flu bug hit and as soon as that was done with me, my sciatic acted up. No rest for the wicked. In 2020 and 2021, the Covid 19 pandemic changed the whole retirement gig. I was lucky to not be still working, for sure. I enjoy photography, gardening, working with my hands, walking, cycling, skiing, travelling, reading and creating special photo and video productions obtained in my first pastime. I may never become wealthy in any of these pursuits, but I already feel I am rich in life experiences far beyond any expectation.

26 thoughts on “Birds of Beaumont #8 – Canada Geese

  1. Who doesn’t love a bird that flies south and craps all over the USA? Okay, I know they crap here too lol. But yeah, I love those pics! You reminded me of when I helped those goose parents reunite with their babies. I am with you about not messing with them. Wild animals are very strong and geese are definitely assholes

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Canada Geese, fertilizing North America for over 100 years. A gander will take you out. Just ask poor Fabio on the roller coaster. Thanks for reading. Allan


      1. That’s why I was super careful when I was trying to herd them. I was so glad I didn’t have to touch them. Distressed geese are scary!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Few things are more beautiful than a goose family lined up for a morning swim, and few things are more inspiring than watching a flock of Canada geese heralding the change of seasons as they fly their ancient patterns of migration. Great post and wonderful bird photos, Allan 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are so family oriented and loyal to their mates. Humans could use a thing or two. In exchange perhaps they could learn a thing or two about toileting. Thanks for reading Aiva. Have a great weekend. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They do act like a close knit human family for sure. The parents are carefully training their young how to survive and the kids just go along with it. Thanks for reading Ruth. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Canada Geese are one of my favorite sights. I grew up hunting and fishing. So naturally, geese were definitely an animal of interest. I always enjoyed the hunts with my father and grandpa. I also loved just watching them. I have literally seen tens of thousands taking to the air to continue south for the winter. I still get “goose bumps” (take the pun as you see fit) when I see geese. I was taught to appreciate wildlife, not just kill it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A great story and memory Scott. I recall many times watching the long formations of geese heading North or South, depending on the season and occasionally bumping into them on ponds. I have never seen as many geese as I have this year. Get ready for their return when winter comes knocking. Thanks for reading. Allan

      Liked by 1 person

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