Jasper in Winter #12 – Pyramid Bench & Katrine Lake Hike

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Regular readers have already seen my many posts on the Pyramid Bench (Overlook) hike. We have never really hiked it in the depths of winter, but have hiked in late fall and early spring when snow and ice are still on the trail.

In November 2013, we were in calm peaceful Jasper, while a fall blizzard raged outside the National Park. We had a bit of snow and some cooler temps, but were undeterred in our hiking. On this hike, we started seeing animal tracks in the fresh fallen snow. The first tracks to attract our attention (2nd last shot) were those of a small cat (bobcat or lynx). However, later along the trail we saw larger cat tracks (last shot) crossing back and forth across the trail. They were likely those of a cougar and we got a little nervous, not knowing if the cougar was stalking the smaller cat or us.

We did the big hike this day, including the Katrine Lake loop and came across a scene which we have not seen since. The lake was just starting to freeze and tiny little pieces of frazil ice were forming around the reed and grass stalks. As the lake water gently rose and fell from the light winds, these delicate frazils popped in and out of the slushy ice.

We hiked this trail twice in April 2019, once on our own and once with friends H & L from Winnipeg. It was a bit slippery at that time, but still beautiful.

In May 2019, a late spring snow storm brought winter beauty to the trail when we hiked with M & P from New Zealand. It was kind of a 2 seasons in one trip event. The shots from the top of the bench were stunningly beautiful.

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18 thoughts on “Jasper in Winter #12 – Pyramid Bench & Katrine Lake Hike

    1. Yes, the red chair theme was a good one. We have seen them in many parts of Canada. It was a great hike, but we had a fair bit of unease, realizing there was a cougar about. If not for the newly fallen snow, we would have been oblivious. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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      1. At least you had hiking poles with you. I’m not sure how helpful they’d be in an animal attack, but I guess it’s better than nothing. While it’s great to hike in the off season as the trails are significantly quieter, it can be a bit uneasy in situations like that. Glad you made it out in one piece and didn’t actually encounter the large cat.

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  1. Good Morning Allan. It’s a year today since we shared onion rings as a family 😂😂 Just been to New Zealand, love the Penguins Crossing.
    Also this was a beautiful trip with Good friends. So much Fun.
    Loved the Juniper berry’s in the snow. And the reflections on photo 65.
    See you in Japan on Saturday

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    1. Happy Onion-versary. That was a special trip with special people. 🍔🍟. Glad you enjoyed the penguins crossing sign and the Jasper posts. So many memories and more to come. Thanks for reading and see you in Japan. Love Allan


    1. Trust me. Towards the end of this hike, we were nervously whistling, making noise and hastening our pace. The bobcat or lynx would have been afraid of us but not the cougar. Thanks for reading. Hope all is well in your part of the world Lori. Allan

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