I was selected for this challenge by my friends Tony & Margie from BACK ROADS AND OTHER STORIES and Marie from HopsSkipsandJumps to post one favorite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then to select someone else to participate. That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations. I normally do not participate in challenges, but, hey, this is a crazy year, so I will participate in this one and will do my best to make it to the end of the ten days. For now, I select my friends T & Ku  from Journey Junkies for this challenge. Please link to me if you decide to participate. If you are not interested or do not have time to participate, no worries.  My photos will literally be all over the map.

Yesterday’s photo was of ice pinnacles at Fox Glacier (Glah-see-uhr) near the town of Fox Glacier on the South Island of New Zealand. Taken in December 2014. We had hiked to the viewpoint and I caught this shot as the sun was climbing higher into the morning sky. It was a great memory for the view, but not for the amount of ice recession we saw since our last trip. The lower edges of Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers are very close to Sea Level and very accessible for that reason, but also prone to melting.

UPDATE: Today’s photo is taken on the Haast to Jackson Bay Road on New Zealand’s South Island. It shows the Arawhata (Ara-pha-ta) River looking back towards Mount Aspiring and Mount Edward. We were headed to Jackson Bay for a fish lunch at a little diner called the Craypot that served fresh fish lunches at picnic tables overlooking Jackson Bay. After that, we took a jet boat eco tour from Waitoto River Safaris that made this the best day of our lives.

The photos below will show what an incredible day we had.

Sunrise view of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman in the Southern Alps from just outside the town of Fox Glacier
Our final view of Fox Glacier
Photo stop at Knight’s Point Lookout
Our fresh fish lunch at the Craypot in Jackson Bay
Picture heading up river toward this rock against the current under full jet boat power. This was our Waitoto River Jet Boat Safari end point in the mountains. Our guides Wayne and Ruth gave us the full tour, including checking the fishing lines.
The other end of the tour was in the Tasman Sea, doing a Hamilton 360
Our ride and its tow vehicle heading back home
The area was famous for whitebait (tiny little fishies) that are a prized delicacy in the area and were in season. We were encourage to try it. It was kind of like a fish denver sandwich with fries and of course, one must have a beverage with it.

So, yeah, we are kind of missing NZ right now after all this reminiscing. Thanks to all who played along and contributed their own photos. And do have a Merry Christmas. Allan

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After working for 43+ years (38 years 7 months with my last company), I finally got that promotion I waited my entire career for……retirement. I have been exploring this new career for the past 3+ years and while it is not always exciting, the chance to do what I want for myself and my family instead of what my company wanted me to do has been rewarding. While I still miss the social aspect of working with a team of great people, I have managed to keep in touch with many from my former team and I have many friends and family members who now fulfill this part of my life. Now that my Patty has retired, we are able to spend more time in pursuits and with people who are near and dear to us. I enjoy photography, gardening, working with my hands, walking, cycling, skiing, travelling, reading and creating special photo and video productions obtained in my first pastime. I may not become wealthy in any of these pursuits, but I already feel I am rich in life experiences far beyond any expectation.

13 thoughts on “DAILY TRAVEL PHOTO #10 UPDATE

  1. I have really enjoyed your 10 photos. I didn’t see the other people’s posts but it would be hard to beat the beauty and variety of your locations. 🌍 🌎 🌏 ❣❣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Linda and Lloyd. There are so many more photos I could have put in the challenge. We have been lucky to travel and the memories will last. Thanks for following along. Allan


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