That’s So 2020 – Diffused View

Our world is being bombarded right now by differing views on current events.

American Election

  • Joe Biden is the President Elect
  • The Democrats stole the election from me
  • I will be a president for all Americans
  • There is widespread voter fraud.

Covid 19

  • Covid 19 is at crisis levels in the U.S. and many people are dying unnecessarily.
  • We’re fighting it and we’re fighting it hard. We’re rounding the corner. Its going away.
  • Stay at home, socially distance, wear a mask and avoid large gatherings.
  • The C.D.C. is advising the use of nonmedical cloth face covering as an additional voluntary public health measure. So it’s voluntary. You don’t have to do it. They suggested for a period of time, but this is voluntary. I don’t think I’m going to be doing it.

In this time of “alternative facts”, “fake news”, “deep fakes”, etc., we really have to carefully sift through all news stories to make sure we are getting the truth. Sometimes, this can be overwhelming and it often feels like we are living in an alternate universe. In the end, actions speak louder than words and we should pay close attention to what the speakers are actually doing to back up their claims.

Photos taken November 20, 2020

Again, this morning, my “deck bubble” was covered in frosty patterns, which slowly diffused the sunlight into various shades and shapes. As the day went on, the frost melted and the view became more clear.

Diffused View

Pay close attention

to every news story.

See things more clearly.

It was so nice to see the sunshine come back
Frosted Japanese Lilac
No two are alike.
Amazing how the phots show the screen, but the eyes do not always see it.

Published by kagould17

After working for 43+ years (38 years 7 months with my last company), I finally got that promotion I waited my entire career for……retirement. I have been exploring this new career for the past 3+ years and while it is not always exciting, the chance to do what I want for myself and my family instead of what my company wanted me to do has been rewarding. While I still miss the social aspect of working with a team of great people, I have managed to keep in touch with many from my former team and I have many friends and family members who now fulfill this part of my life. Now that my Patty has retired, we are able to spend more time in pursuits and with people who are near and dear to us. I enjoy photography, gardening, working with my hands, walking, cycling, skiing, travelling, reading and creating special photo and video productions obtained in my first pastime. I may not become wealthy in any of these pursuits, but I already feel I am rich in life experiences far beyond any expectation.

23 thoughts on “That’s So 2020 – Diffused View

    1. I agree. I never thought there would be an attempted coup so close to home. In this age of misinformation, everyone has to be more diligent to ensure “We don’t get fooled again” (The Who reference). Hard to believe that in the past 4 years, 33% more people believe the Earth is flat. Lies told often enough, become the new reality. People have to start caring about the truth and doing the right thing, for the right reason. Stay well. Allan

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      1. Isn’t it interesting though that main stream news isn’t calling it an attempted coup? Like saying what it is makes it more real. If it was happening in a third world country the United Nations would be all over it as would the media.

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      2. Colbert, the View, AC 360 and others have used the coup word. But you are right, everyone needs to shout this from the rooftops. They also need to certify #45, as any president that would burn the people and the country to the ground to get revenge on the Dems, is not all there


      3. The GOP is also only complaining softly. Senate majority leader needs to grow a pair and accept the outcome, even if challenges go forward. Aiding and abetting #45 only pushes the problem down the line to 2024. The news cycle needs to stop talking about #45, as this is what he wants. Thanks for reading and commenting Bernie. Allan


      4. I only watch Canadian news and it is only a blimp of the news rather than the whole thing it was a while ago. I am surprised I commented as I try to stay away from that whole political scene.

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      5. He did say early on that he liked the title “President for Life”. He has been clear from the beginning. As he has said before, “I never kid”. Trying to reason with unreasonable seldom works We have found that out when dealing with people in the past. Allan

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  1. Such beautiful photos, Allan and I have to agree with yo. We have to be very careful about what we read and more importantly- what information we choose to share with other people.

    Information overload helps fake news spread and social media outlets knows it too well. The spread of fake news on the internet is a cause of great concern for all members of society, because it’s designed to plant seeds of mistrust and exacerbate the existing social and cultural dynamics by missing political undercurrents.

    Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Thanks Aiva. Amazing what pictures the frost paints. As to fake news, it all starts with discrediting the legitimate news sources, then the repetition of alternative “facts” until, they become the new truth. #45 told us for years what he was going to do and many thought he was simply being Donald. Nope, he has a plan and it is not a good one for society. Stay well and follow the facts. Thanks for reading. Allan

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  2. I’m so tired of US politics and honestly, their notion of “exceptionalism.” They aren’t exceptional, not more than anyone else, really, as the election of Donald Trump demonstrated. It’s time the rest of the world admitted it, too. If this circus was happening anywhere else, the country would be labelled as unstable, and certainly not a “beacon of democracy.”

    Beautiful photos! 🙂

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    1. I hear you. It is indeed a bunch of self serving nonsense. Stop the power and greed and do the right thing, already. They are not the best democracy, the best country, the best anything in the world right now. Only two parties create too much polarization, 2 years of electioneering and billions spent just muddy the waters and more then two months in the transition phase are just plain dangerous. The president needs to be a member of a party who sits in the house and faces congress every day, so this isolation tweeting nonsense cannot go on. We may only be a blank space on their weather map and our pretty Prime Minister is far from perfect, but, we know it. Stay well Lynette and thanks for reading. Allan

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  3. Isn’t it sad that, whatever someone’s views happen to be, they can find a news source that will tell them they are right? I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the actual news shows, I google my questions and compare data and answers for myself. And I also look more deeply into the stories I do pay attention to, because I always want to know “the rest of the story.” Are you old enough to remember Paul Harvey, LOL?

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    1. I find the whole fake news/alternative facts thing to be a sad commentary on humans, that they are willing to believe the crazy stuff, but not the truth. Even Google and the web news scroll are complicit as they search for the points of view they think you want. I want the D— truth and I want to hear both versions of the truth, if there are two. As to Paul Harvey, I loved his little snippets of reality. He would be so horrified at what we will buy into. Stay well Ann and thanks for reading and for your thoughtful comments. Allan

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    1. Agreed. The trouble with internet sources is that they tend to tailor the news to what they think you want to see. The winter lilac did look pretty through the frosty plastic. Thanks for reading and commenting. Allan

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  4. Information is malleable now with social media. Now everyone can be a propagandist on their platforms. It’s always best to be critical of everything we read. It’s sad that school teaches many things but few can learn to think for themselves

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    1. Agreed. School teaches so much but most forget the lessons of honesty and kindness. Many think only of themselves, but can not think for themselves. Thanks for reading. Allan


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